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24/10/2011 Sakharov Prize : Who are the three finalists ?

During the plenary session on the 27th of October the name of the recipient of the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought 2011 will be announced. The official presentation will take place on the 14th December, also at the Strasbourg Parliament. Spotlight on the three finalists for 2011.

Previous recipients

2010 : Guillermo Fariñas
2009 :
2008 :
Hu Jia
2007 :
Salih Mahmoud Mohamed Osman
2006 :
Alexander Milinkevich
2005 :
Ladies in white, Hauwa Ibrahim, Reporters without Borders

Every year the European Parliament awards the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought. The Sakharov prize rewards exceptional people who fight against intolerance, extremism and oppression. The Prize is a tribute to Andreï Sakharov (1921-1989), a Russian nuclear physicist and activist for human rights, civil liberties and the reform of the Soviet Union, who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1975. This prize rewards one or a group of individuals who, like Mr Sakharov, use their courage to defend human rights and basic freedoms.

Next week we will know the name of this year’s recipient, but three finalists are still in the running:

printemps arabeThe first is not one person but a group, as they are five leaders of the Arab spring : Asmaa Mahfouz (Egypt), Ahmed al-al-Sanusi ZubairAhmed (Lybia), Razan Zaitouneh (Syria), Ali Farzat (Syria) et Mohamed Bouazizi (Tunisia). Their nomination was a joint proposal of the people’s party, the Socialists, the Liberals and the Greens in the European Parliament.

Dzmitry BandarenkaThe second finalist is Dzmitry Bandarenka. A civil rights activist in Belarus, member of the Belarus association of journalists, he is one of the cofounders of Charter 97, a civil rights initiative, and co-coordinator of the European civic campaign in Belarus. His name was put forward by the Conservatives and Reformists.

Campesinos comombiensAnd then lastly a community is the third finalist, that of San José de Apartado. This ‘campesino’ (peasant labourer) Colombian community has become and international symbol of courage, resistance and dedication to the values of peace and justice in an environment of brutality and destruction. They have been nominated by the United Left. 

See the result on October 27th, on European Parliament in action!



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