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05/12/2011 The European Parliament’s site gets a new look!

A new version of the European Parliament’s (EP) site was launched today. Presented as being “cleaner, more contemporary and visually appealing”, this modernised interface replaces one that has been used since September 2005 and has been designed in response to users’ requests.

The greatest innovation on the site is the “portal”." lang="EN-GB">Developed on the basis of feedback from the site’s users, this new homepage offers fast access to the most popular sections.

Navigational functionalities remain exactly the same but the portal now includes seven headings instead of the five that were in the previous version as the “Activities” section is now divided into three: “plenary”, “committees” and “delegations”.

The main body of the homepage enables users to see the latest news and provides access to political groups and committees. Searching for MEPs should be easier thanks to the “carrousel”.

Due to the increasing presence and success of the EP on social networks, these networks are given prominence on the new site. At the top of the portal, users can see the latest news from the EP’s Facebook page which can be accessed via a link.

From now on, the two major multimedia services – EuroparlTV and EP Live – can be found together under the heading “EPTV” which includes all videos, live broadcasts and video on demand.

However, modernisation of the EP site does not stop there as new features will subtly appear over the next weeks and months.


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