26/10/2011 Launch of Parlamentarium – the European Parliament’s new visitor centreement européen

On Friday October 14th, the official opening of Parlamentarium took place following its launch by European Parliament President, Jerzy Buzek, at the beginning of the week. This centre enables people to find out about and better understand the workings of this institution which is of course directly elected by European citizens.

Parlamentarium has capacity to host 400,000 to 450,000 visitors per year in its building which covers 6000m2 over three floors. The general public will be able to get to know the institution using a wide range of interactive multimedia tools that are available in the 23 official languages of the EU.

This centre, entry to which is free, explains the history of European integration and helps visitors understand the influence Parliament has on citizens’ lives. It also enables people to better understand the dynamic and the role of the Parliament whose powers have expanded considerably since European construction began.

The centre presents the European Parliament in an entertaining and interactive manner through special one-hour tours for 8-14 year olds, a 360° digital surround screen taking visitors to the heart of the action in the European Parliament, a tunnel of voices immersing us in Europe’s multilingual heritage and tactile 3D models through which visitors can study the European Parliament in its three places of work – Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg.

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