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22/02/2018 Background - EP Press Kit for the informal EU summit on 23 February 2018
In this press kit you will find a selection of press releases from the European Parliament that show MEP’s priorities and what they have been pushing for in relation to the topics on the summit agenda, as well as contact details of the MEPs involved. All documents and resolutions printed in the press kit, plus additional information, can be found on the European Parliament’s website.

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12/12/2017 Background - Foire aux questions sur la viande de kebab
Sur quoi le Parlement européen vote-t-il exactement?

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30/11/2017 Background - 34e session de l'Assemblée parlementaire paritaire ACP-UE
Économie et sécurité devraient dominer les débats de la 34e session plénière de l'Assemblée parlementaire paritaire ACP-UE, qui s’ouvrira le 18 décembre en Haïti.

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